IMS Bulk Payment Service: How Does it Work?

In today’s dynamic business landscape, efficient financial management is paramount for the success of any organization. From managing sales incentives to disbursing salaries, the ability to streamline payments is essential. Recognizing this need, IMS introduces its innovative Bulk Payment Service, designed to simplify and expedite various payment processes for businesses across industries.

Understanding IMS Bulk Payment Service

IMS Bulk Payment Service offers a comprehensive solution tailored for organizations seeking streamlined and efficient payment processes. With a focus on facilitating various payment needs, IMS specializes in managing incentive programs, promotional payments, and salary disbursements through mobile money platforms. This service caters to a diverse range of sectors, particularly targeting FMCGs, where timely and secure bulk payments are crucial for incentivizing sales forces and distributors, disbursing salaries, and executing dividend payments. By leveraging mobile money technology, IMS ensures hassle-free transactions, enhancing convenience and accessibility for both organizations and recipients. Whether it’s rewarding sales staff, facilitating promotional campaigns, or distributing dividends, IMS Bulk Payment Service provides a reliable and efficient solution for organizations looking to simplify their payment operations and drive business growth.

Let’s delve into the intricacies of IMS Bulk Payment Service and how it can revolutionize payment processes for your organization:

1. Procurement of B2C Paybill

Acquiring a B2C paybill is the initial step in setting up the Bulk Payment Service. Clients have the option to apply directly to mobile operators or enlist IMS assistance. If opting for our support, the application process is streamlined, with IMS applying for a paybill linked to its bank account. This facilitates a seamless setup process, typically completed within 3-4 working days, provided all necessary documents are in order.

2. Setting Up of Paybill Users

Ensuring the security of payment transactions is paramount. IMS mandates a minimum of three users for the paybill setup, encompassing a paybill administrator, an initiator, and an approver. For automated payments, IMS can develop a customized API to facilitate recurring payments of specified amounts, further enhancing efficiency and convenience.

3. Funding of the B2C Paybill

To initiate payment disbursements, clients are required to fund the B2C paybill upfront. Upon receiving the total disbursement amount and transaction details from the client, IMS provides a quotation. Once funds are received, typically within 2 working days, they are promptly transferred to the paybill account, ensuring seamless fund availability for disbursements.

4. Receipt of List

Clients are tasked with providing a detailed list of recipients and corresponding payment amounts in Excel format. Accuracy is paramount to prevent erroneous payments. Therefore, clients must verify the validity and accuracy of provided phone numbers to mitigate any potential discrepancies.

5. Funds Disbursement

With the necessary details in hand, IMS swiftly initiates payment disbursements. For automated disbursements, where the paybill is readily available and the recipient list is provided, transactions are executed within 24 hours. Manual disbursements, involving lists shared via Excel, are processed diligently during regular working hours.

6. Reporting

Post-disbursement, clients receive comprehensive MPESA reports detailing transaction statuses. IMS promptly addresses and reprocesses any failed payments or reversals to ensure seamless payment execution and recipient satisfaction.

Partnering with IMS for Effortless Payments

To leverage the benefits of IMS Bulk Payment Service and revolutionize your payment experience, take the following steps:

  1. Apply for Paybill: Decide who will apply for the paybill and choose between direct application to mobile operators or enlist IMS’s support.
  2. Share Disbursement Details: Provide IMS with the total disbursement amount, transaction details, and any necessary documentation.
  3. Fund the Paybill: Ensure timely funding of the paybill account to facilitate seamless payment execution.
  4. Share Agency Fee Purchase Order: Prior to disbursements, furnish IMS with the agency fee purchase order to expedite processing.
  5. Stay Informed: Keep track of payment progress through timely reports shared by IMS post-disbursement.
Embrace Efficiency with IMS Bulk Payment Service

IMS Bulk Payment Service offers organizations a reliable, efficient, and convenient solution to manage various payment activities seamlessly. By leveraging IMS’s expertise and cutting-edge technology, businesses can streamline payment processes, reduce administrative overhead, and ensure timely and accurate disbursements.

Ready to streamline your payment processes? Contact us today and discover the power of effortless payments with IMS Bulk Payment Service. Let’s revolutionize your payment experience together!

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