Bulk SMS

Why choose us?

IMS can help you transform the way businesses keep in touch with internal teams, contacts and your customers. Our platform, combined with the reach of all mobile networks, can power SMS and messaging solutions of every kind. Our interface makes it simple for teams and managers to integrate website, applications or systems with our messaging gateway. We also offer a set of 'instant' easy-to-use solutions to enable you to manage messaging direct from your desktop. Whichever solution is chosen, we make it simple for businesses to deliver messages from and to any application on any platform, to recipients just about anywhere in the Kenya.

Bulk SMS Features

  • Dashboard – summary of incoming and outgoing SMS traffic on the short code
  • Broadcast– the platform is able to send out SMS blasts to uploaded user lists.
  • SMS Scheduling– client is able to preset an SMS blast to be sent out at a later date.
  • User List Manipulation – allows upload/download/modify/delete/blacklist users
  • Delivery– the platform allows to view status of SMS sent out - delivered, failed, pending messages.
  • Reporting– the platform generates reporting on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Traffic Monitoring –overview of traffic going through our short codes
  • Sender ID – client is able to customize Sender ID for easy recognition to customers or staff.
  • Robust System - Fast and Reliable Delivery at very low cost per SMS.
  • Support- Full Support from the Technical Support Team
  • Customer Care – used to track SMS to a specific phone number. Passive un-subscription is handled on this page
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