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About IMS

Interactive Media Services Limited (IMS) was the first company in Kenya licensed by the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) to provide innovative Value Added Telephone Services based on sophisticated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and SMS gateways systems. We are located in Valley View Business Park, Wing A 7th Floor. Nairobi Kenya.

The telephone has now become a new information, marketing and promotion tool. Organizations do not have to invest in equipment, computer staff or technical maintenance, as IMS will handle all the administration work. The new value added telephony services are set to transform how information and services are made available to the public. For commercial firms in particular, marketing, advertising,information dissemination and customer feedback will never be the same again as new possibilities of engaging with customers are now available.
There are approximately 18 million mobile phone subscribers in Kenya. Mobile phones are now not only the premiere communication tool but are used on an increasing scale for information retrieval.


Revolutionalise the application of communication infrastructure with the region.


To be the leading independent Kenyan company, specialising in the provision of a communications infrastructure that creates opportunities for the delivery of value adding telephone services within the region

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