TBD - SMS Alert Service
Terms & Conditions

Organizing entity:  IMS (the “ORGANIZER”)

Duration & Participation

“More value program” (henceforth called "SERVICE") is an SMS based Service. "SERVICE" takes place from 21/02/2014, 12:00:00 Kenya Time ("SERVICE PERIOD”).

The SERVICE is consisted of subscription based, daily newsletter services (“NEWSLETTER SERVICES”) covering a variety of topics. The available NEWSLETTER SERVICES are:

“Stay Fit” Daily Service: Subscribers receive the Fitness/Nutrition advice of the day.

“Financial Tips” Daily Service: Subscribers receive the financial advice of the day

“Famous Quotes” Daily Service: Subscribers receive the famous quote of the day

The Service Provider, at its own discretion, may decide to introduce new NEWSLETTER SERVICES covering different topics or stop providing existing ones.

In the latter case, the subscribers of the services to be ceased will:

A Safaricom subscriber can subscribe to any, and as many, of the available NEWSLETTER SERVICES.


The SERVICE is open to residents of Kenya that are subscribers of Safaricom, (both pre-paid or post-paid). The person that owns the SIM card or has express authorization from the SIM card’s owner to use it is considered the SUBSCRIBER, regardless of the actual user of the phone.

The ORGANIZER, at its sole discretion, may block specific MSISDNs (phone numbers) from subscribing to the service.

Newsletter Service Subscription

An SMS sent by the user to the NEWSLETTER SERVICES’ short code that includes the following indicative Keywords will be counted as an explicit request to subscribe him to the specific NEWSLETTER SERVICE and it is called the NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIPTION SMS.

Alternative subscription methods could be availed such as USSD

Following a successful subscription to one of the available NEWSLETTER SERVICES, the user becomes a SUBSCRIBER and therefore will receive the respective newsletter(s) on a daily basis (depending on the chosen NEWSLETTER SERVICE).


Welcome SMS

Legal SMS

Cross selling SMS

And first newsletter (if applicable).

At any time during the SERVICE PERIOD, Safaricom users (SUBSCRIBERS or not) may receive invitation SMS to subscribe to another NEWSLETTER SERVICE.

In the occasion of new NEWSLETTER SERVICES being introduced (as per 1.3, 1.4), the ORGANIZER will communicate through SMS the short codes available for subscription.

Newsletter Services Subscription Costs

A SUBSCRIBER can subscribe to as many of the available NEWSLETTER SERVICES as he likes but each SUBSCRIPTION to a NEWSLETTER SERVICE has its own applicable cost. For example, if a user is a SUBSCRIBER to two Daily NEWSLETTER SERVICES, each one having a subscription cost of 10 KES per day, then the SUSBCRIBER will be charged 10 KES per day for each NEWSLETTER SERVICE, thus a total of 20 KES per day.

The cost of the available NEWSLETTER SERVICES is as follows:

“Stay Fit” Daily Service: 10 KES per day

“Financial Tips” Daily Service: 10 KES per day

“Famous Quotes” Daily Service: 10 KES per day

Once additional topics become available, their subscription cost will be published on the Services Website.

From time to time the ORGANIZER, at its sole discretion, may allow to all/part of the customers to subscribe to a NEWSLETTER SERVICE, for a limited period of time, for free ("FREE TRIAL PERIOD"). Users that subscribe for a FREE TRIAL PERIOD, will be receiving the daily newsletters of their preferred NEWSLETTER SERVICE for this period, for free. SUBSCRIBERS to that FREE TRIAL PERIOD will be notified (at a time before the end of that period) by SMS messages that their FREE TRIAL PERIOD is about to end.

If a Participant un-subscribes during the FREE TRIAL, and subscribes back again in any future day, he is not entitled for another free trial but he will get the days left on the FREE TRIAL prior to his initial un-subscription.

Charging of the SUBSCRIBERs will take place by receiving a billable MT from the MT-BILLING SHORTCODE. This SMS is called the NEWSLETTER CHARGING SMS.

In case a SUBSCRIBER does not have sufficient credit to receive the NEWSLETTER CHARGING SMS (the Organizer will make reasonable efforts to send this SMS to the SUBSCRIBER) then he will not receive any further newsletters from the specific NEWSLETTER SERVICE until he does. However his subscription remains active. Once the SUBSCRIBER gets successfully charged, the newsletters from the specific NEWSLETTER SERVICE will be resumed.

SUBSCRIBERS can terminate their NEWSLETTER SERVICE subscription via USSD by dialing:

*100# for Pay as you go subscribers

*200# for postpaid subscribers

SUBSCRIBERS that send STOP to the SHORTCODE instead, will also be unsubscribed.


Organizer’s responsibilities

The ORGANIZER cannot be held responsible for any delay or impossibility of sending or receiving SMS messages because of a technical problem. All the SMS messages will be considered received by the ORGANIZER when they are registered in the "THE SERVICE"’s IT system and not when they are sent by the PARTICIPANT. All the SMS messages will be considered received by the PARTICIPANT at the moment they were sent from the "THE SERVICE"’s IT system. SUBSCRIBERS recognize and accept that the journal of the informatics system of the "THE SERVICE"’s IT System is the proof of the date, hour, minute and second of their receiving/ sending each SMS message.

Personal Data Protection

In accordance with local laws and regulations, the Organizer respects the privacy of subscribers of this "The Service", by which it is committed to the use of technology in a transparent form and in strict observance of the rights, freedom and guarantees of the citizens and by the reservation of the intimacy of their private and family life. The personal data collected within the scope of "The Service" will be treated as private and confidential. It shall not be disclosed to other individuals or organizations, except in the event of legislation to the contrary or where such is authorized by the Participants themselves. The data will be stored on servers with access controlled on a need-to-know basis and limited by passwords.

Governing Law & Amendments

This "THE SERVICE" is organized under and governed by the laws and statutes of Kenya.

These Terms & Conditions are valid until amended or suspended by the ORGANIZER.